Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 84 - 24th March 2012 - Back to the Homestead

A little cooler this morning, with the temperature at -1.0. It appears that our double digits of summer are over for a few days. Looks like a bit of snow [I'm in total denial and will think rain] later in the week. Of course you know anything that comes this time of year is not staying. Those Irish Ancestors might just be right when they say that Sheila's Brush comes after St. Paddy's day!
I'm not sure yet what today has planned, I know after being away for a couple of days, laundry, groceries etc. are among the top ten fun things to do. Have a few other projects that should be cleaned up before I go back to work next month, but think I'll postpone them to another day. And I know that's not the smart thing to do but I'm doing it.
Yesterday was nicer in the city except windy, the temperatures were a little lower but the sun was out and shining. Meeting all morning, then home on the shuttle, Kim came too so we had lots of good laughs. May will be my last regular trip to the city as my term on the Board will be up. Kind of sad, as I'll miss the people and especially the Waverley Inn, although I'm sure I'll get there once in a while. It's been a great experience to sit on the CNSA Board but after four years it's someone elses turn. Time for me to find new experiences.  I waited until I was home after supper to take photos. I did have some of my new crocus' in bloom when I came home, but they had closed up for the evening so will capture those later today.
Just a reminder that winter has left us and colors will soon return.

I was losing the light at the lake, last evening and yes I know there are ways to compensate that but sometimes I like a little darkness. The water was very blue but choppy from the wind.
A lonely grape hyacinth adds some color to an otherwise dull foundation.
The Lungworts are no longer just one or two little blooms, there are lots more in bloom now.
Sorry I don't have much to contribute today, but some days are like that. It's the weekend, so spend some time with family and friends. Enjoy the day!

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