Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 81 - 21st March 2012 - Has Summer Arrived?

It promises to be another nice day, the temperature this morning is +5.5. Had a good sleep last night so feel much better. A couple more nights like that and I'll be back to normal. It's Wednesday, once again so I'm off to town for the day. The people who built our house about 150 years ago would have thought differently about going to town. Hitch up the horse and wagon and trudge  over a very rough, mucky road the 20 miles to town in March. Guess they wouldn't have done it too often.

Yesterday turned out to be a summer day not a spring day! The sky was blue, you could hear birds chirping, the temperature reached +21.9 this afternoon. Even though I had an early morning, I managed to get some stuff done - three things off my list, some baking and a nice walk, although my camera batteries died on the trip so not a lot of photos.
This little fellow was running back and forth across the road. After a few times he picked a side, much better for his health, I'm sure.
The Mayflower buds are getting bigger, soon they will be in bloom.
And I saw wildlife....... well it was creeping and crawling. Of course you know if I wasn't creeping and crawling along the side of the road I wouldn't have seen him either. 
Well time to get ready, lots to do, hopefully I will acomplish half of what is on my list. Enjoy your day!

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