Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 89 - 29th March 2012 - Buoys,Chickadees and Snow!

Much milder than it has been this week, the temperature is -0.3. However, when I came down the stairs this morning at 3am (yes, another sleepless night), and looked out the front window, lit up just enough from the street light I could see snow on the ground. I'm sure there's not a lot, and not entirely unexpected but I am tired of the white stuff kissing us. I've been watching mayflowers preparing to open for days now, one bud is just about there, but now it is slapped with the cold touch of winter once again.
Not a bad day in town, yesterday. It was cold in the morning but did warm up somewhat throughout the day. At least not as bad as the day before, but I think that was because the wind was not blowing. Walked down along dock street to get my tea at The Bean Dock the harbour was calm, tide was low.

Bright and colorful bobbing on the water.
There are lots of buoys in the harbour these days, guessing the sailboats will soon be joining them.
A look down the historic district of Shelburne - Dock Street.
The side view of the  town clock atop the old Post Office.
Another chair sits idle, waiting for the warm sun of summer and someone to sit and enjoy it.
After supper I went for a walk, the lake and the sky were pretty and calm last evening.
This little chickadee was just as obliging as could be so I had to take more than one photo.
After awhile he got tired and turned around and ignored me before flying off.
I won't even hazard a guess about what kind of day it will be, at some point I'm sure I'll have to have a nap or endure a miserable headache most of the day; until then I'll get some work done. Some more research today, found some obituaries yesterday that will hopefully fill in some missing information in my report. A walk with my camera sometime late this morning will hopefull relax me enough to sleep and sweep the things from my mind that disturb me, even if only for a short period of time.
Enjoy your day, the weekend is getting closer.

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