Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 71 - 11th March 2012 - Waves, Waves & More Waves

Another cold morning, the temperature is -6.1. Hope it warms up today so the sap will run, yesterday it didn't do that great. Looks like a warmer week ahead for those who are off for March Break. The clocks were sprung ahead during the night, now my only regret about that is it's dark again in the morning. As a rule this time change doesn't usually upset my system like the one in the fall does, however, most people are not happy about losing an hour of sleep.
Had a great afternoon yesterday. After lunch we bundled up in wool socks, hoodies, caps, gloves and winter jackets and headed in the direction of Lockeport with our cameras.

First detour was Benham's Road.  Jordan Ferry lies across the water. I can just barely see the church steeple.

At Lockeport beach you can see Gull Rock Light.

The waves are crashing on the    rocks and spraying upward.
No beach scene is complete without a few seagulls.
I think these two were used to tourists with cameras, they just    kind of hung around, ignoring us  and posing.
The Crescent Beach Centre, sits near the edge of the beach with a fabulous view. Right now it's closed for the winter season, but I know when it's open the view from the observation room is fantastic! So....... when it opens and you are in the area, stop on in and check it out, and walk the beach.
Waves, waves and more waves.
The Town of Lockeport can be seen in the background. 
We took a drive into Lockeport, Larry was sure there was a place you could drive out to a rock. Well we found it [but you really can't drive out on a rock] I think it's a park like place, since there are a few picnic table there. Of course we parked in the wrong place and went the more difficult way, where I slid down a grassy path with no harm done. You can look over toward West Head.
Gull Rock Light.
I took a lot of photos of Larry today, but I like this one - you know it's got that silhouette feeling going on against the sky.
From Lockeport we headed towards Sable River, first side road was Osbourne Harbour, where we stopped at the wharf. This is Carter's Light.
A boat resting near the wharf.
I like these punts laying up on racks. Would be great to have one and row around the lake.
So we are off again, heading in the direction of Sable River. Oops...another detour, Louis Head Beach. We haven't been here in years and I can't believe that it has become so built up with cottages!
Lots of "sea debris" - shells, seaweed, etc. probably from the high winds on Thursday and Friday.
This is one of Larry's, he insisted I use it and it is rather cool and unique.  From here we decided it was getting late and time to head for home and think about supper. So out to highway 103 we headed and onward to home. A quick stop at Sobeys for something for supper. "Date afternoon" should not require either of us to cook, so chicken it was. Easy and fast. A lazy evening of pj's and tv [Larry snoozing in the lazyboy].
We really have some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere around - truly hidden treasures. If you are bored or just have a few extra hours, head out and walk one of the beaches, life can't get much better.

The sun is shining, the rest of the household has risen, so I guess it's time to get on with some work. Enjoy the day!

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  1. There is no place like home (clicking my heels) You did a wonderful job of capturing the breathtaking beauty of Lockeport. I think you might be right about the gulls lol I trust you are having a productive day, my get up and go is on sabbatical and not sure when it might come back.