Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 74 - 14th March 2012 - More Ducks, a Squirrel and Other Feathered Friends

Still mild +2.6.  Guess we are lucky sounds like parts of the province will have a little freezing rain today, but for us it looks like rain! Oh well after 2 really nice days, 1 day of rain won't hurt. It's grey and overcast right now. Yesterday was not a great day for me, didn't feel very fantastic, today I feel worn out and tired so I'm just going to take it easy and see if I can recuperate some.
The three mallards aren't very camera friendly yet. They swim away from me to the other shore.
Someone has lost a feather along the shoreline of the lake.
I need to get Danny to trim a few of the saplings at the edge of the lake, although they provide cover for me, it's hard to take photos without falling into the lake.
This little fellow was chattering away, not sure why he was so talkative, perhaps he didn't like his picture being taken.

Finally I've discovered if I stand like a statue between the feeders the birds don't really notice I'm there. This chickadee was much more obliging yesterday.

The woodpecker never minds having his picture taken, he just ignores me no matter where I'm standing.
I was fortunate to capture two of them, busily feeding.
Going for a walk and taking my camera usually perks me up and takes me to a more serene place, sort of like yoga for some people, hopefully today there will be a break in the weather and I can get
Enjoy your day, it's Wednesday, the middle of the week, I'm heading to the sofa.

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