Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 68 - 8th March 2012 - Moonlit Nights and International Women's Day

The temperature is very different from yesterday morning +5.8. Daylight is coming so early now, it's great. No more do I sit at the window peering into darkness waiting for dawn to appear. It's rather grey looking out this morning, no pretty sunrise like yesterday but they are giving a sunny day. I think Spring has arrived! I say that at least once/week lately but sooner or later it will happen and we probably won't even realize it.
Got a few shots last night of the full moon, should have gone out about 10 minutes earlier as it had already gone high above the tree line. I love the way the moon shines across the lake, but I thought I'd do some fun shots with some of the trees/bushes etc.                                               Looks like it's almost resting in the tree branches.
It's kind of a funky photo.
This has a haunted house look about it!
And the more traditional moon over the lake photo, a glimmer of color reflecting in the dark water below.
Today is International Women's Day. I took a few moments to think about who the extraordinary women were in my life. I can not name one alone, they all are - Mom, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers [those I knew those I didn't], Aunts and Cousins. They all made me who I am today [good or bad!]. They are/were women who had their own minds, did their own thing, some had sharp tongues but big hearts, and they all loved and nurtured their families. I thank them all for being a part of my life!
 I also thought about women friends and two in particular who at this moment I count among the strongest women I know, they are battling breast cancer. Every day I try to send them a little bit of mental strenght in hopes it will help with their fight. Because of who they are and the women who help/helped shape their lives I know they will get through this with flying colors and be around for many years to come -"to live, to laugh to love".
This is a photo taken years ago by someone in the family, this is my Great Grandmother Nettie [on the left] and her sister Kitty [right]. They are probably in their 80's and either coming from or going hunting. I love this photo of them as it shows what they loved and were all about.
Enjoy your day and remember to love, respect and cherish the Women in your life!

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