Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 65 - 5th March 2012 - A Hail Storm!

The temperature this morning was 0.6. Looked out the window and could see a glimpse of white, but of course have to wait until daylight to tell how much. Four hours this morning and no internet. Now it's really not nice to mess with me at 5am on a Monday morning, that just puts me in a really foul mood for the rest of the day. It came back, but is not working great. I pay a small fortune - $56./month for this highspeed broadband internet. Eastlink [the provider] got paid a great deal of money by the provincial government to provide high speed internet to rural areas - what a farce! There are still people on dial up internet for one reason or another, their equipment in the first place is old and outdated and depending on the weather works or doesn't work. However, if you call and complain they wil inform you that "weather has no effect on the system". My rant for the day!
With no internet I had to re-arrange my work schedule. Did the bookkeeping for the Fire Dept, started doing my judging panel work I volunteer to do every year [reading applications and scoring] - got through them all, made notes, just have to go back and score now, so they can be out of my hair this week, did some laundry and went for a walk, getting caught in a hail storm! Larry is painting, taking drawer fronts off and putting on new doors today.
Everything was a winter wonderland early this morning with blue skies!

The tree limbs are raining as the snow quickly melts.
The berries and their leaves are so bright and shiny from the snow which has melted from the pine and fir trees above.
The tips of the pine needles are dripping with water as the sun shines through.
Decided to head back out toward the road again, was getting pretty wet hanging out under the trees!
And back out on the road the sky got really dark and ugly!
I headed back in towards the lake, just as I got there I came under fire from a hail storm.
This was the view across the cove.  Enough of that, I knocked on Lois' door and asked her if she had a cup of tea for a refugee. The storm didn't last long, we had our tea, she went back to her spring cleaning and I headed home.
The sky ahead of me looks blue again.
.......but the sky behind me looks ominous, better get home before I'm caught again.
Larry and Lexi have gone for a run, and I'd better get back to work, too much to do this week.
Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!

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