Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 66 - 6th March 2012 - Signs of Spring?

Temperature is cooler at -4.4 this morning. Wonder what today will bring. Slept in until almost 5:30 and was surprised that Larry was already up. He had a call out at 3am and decided he would build a fire instead of coming back to bed when he got home at 4am. I must have been in what they call the "deep sleep" since I didn't hear a thing. Highly unusual for me! Well it's been a busy morning, got two projects off my plate, went for a walk and had two batches of company!

Frozen in time once again!

Most of the ice is gone, just a little bit of thin stuff around the coves. The sky is hardly welcoming again today and occasionally it's spitting snow.
A colorful deck chair waiting for a warmer day, holds the remains of winter wreaths and ribbon.

Peeling birch bark - off with the old, on with the new??
Little steps leading to a secret garden? or perhaps a hot tub?

Not sure what this fellow is waiting for - maybe spring and some flies to lunch on.
The chickadee enjoys some lunch dropped from above.

The Nuthatch always seems to be upside down and goes so quickly from place to place. They were cleaning out their house again today, wonder what they know - must be spring coming?
It was dark enough this morning for this little solar light to be flashing - red/green/yellow/blue.

Hidden and protected against the foundation of the house - Lois' lung wort has been in bloom for  a week or so.

Another sure sign of spring - rose bushes wouldn't be growing if warmer weather wasn't just around the corner - would they?

Snuggled close to the west side of the house these bulbs enjoy the warm afternoon sun and will be ready to bloom in no time.
One of my favourite feathered friends - the Woodpecker, enjoying a mid morning snack.

I am hoping that this tool can be put away very soon for another year!

For all the signs of spring, it was cold, raw and spitting snow on the walk back home. It just makes me wonder if spring will ever come. There is no peace when I walk now, I hear the sound of chain saws just up the road, like an invasion in my quiet time. Don't get me wrong, I don't really have a problem with men cutting, I just enjoy the solitude and serene feeling I have when I roam around on my own, even though I know I'm close to the road that little bit of woods could be a million miles away.
Enjoy your afternoon!

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