Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 86 - 26th March 2012 - The Lake in all it's glory

Nice and mild this morning, temperature is +3.6, but it looks like more normal march weather for the rest of the month. Last week might have just been  a dream. It's Monday again, and the work week starts, although this is the last month of March, hard to believe another month is gone. I'll soon have to go back to work.
Yesterday was spent doing housework, well someone has to do it and I didn't see any volunteers or good fairies, so I dug in and got it done. Managed a little spring cleaning in the process. Once summer comes along [yes I know spring just arrived], all I'm doing is enough to maintain the mess to a dull roar.
The lake was beautiful in the morning and I couldn't resist getting a few shots. I was out around 9am, everything was quiet, except for some birds you could hear singing, no wind, just a perfect Sunday morning.
I need to take a pair of clippers to this little branch. There are two good rocks right behind it that are great for sitting on and watching the ducks, but this twig keeps getting in my way.

Nothing moves, total peace and quiet. The sun shining. Of course that didn't last all day, turned out rather overcast, and chilly. By supper time it started to snow, freezing rain then eventually rain. I guess that's why it's nice to capture the moment. No ducks - they've probably gone bumming around the lake to see what they can find for breakfast.

Reflections in the lake.

A lone garden shell.
Since I slept in until 6am, best get moving - another day of paperwork and research. Enjoy your day!

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