Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 75 - 15th March 2012 - Garbage and Stuff!

Good Morning All - temperature is 0.6 and it's snowing here! Yuk! I know it won't last but..... do we really need it? Larry has  to make a quick trip to Yarmouth today, Lexi needs her needles, it will be quick since she hates the fast pace of traffic, lights etc. away from the slow country roads. She loves to go in the truck, always waiting and watching to see if Larry is going somewhere, until we get in Town, then she shivers and shakes until we get back out of the rat race!
It's my Dad's birthday today - Happy Birthday Dad! Another year wiser. Feeling a little perkier, will see how things go, new meds yesterday - gotta love those drugs.

I'm on a small rant today. People [not everyone] can't you keep your garbage in your vehicles until you get home! Do you litter your front yard? Why do it to mine?

Well this is pretty and colorful, but I don't want to see it on the side of the road.

Another one, ok, so what's with one glove?? Don't you usually need two for most things. A bit of color on the road but not the kind I like to see.

Anyone for a Latte or coffee? We have lots on the side of the road.
I don't even know what this is! Folks please think twice before tossing it out the window, yes it might be colorful but we don't want to look at it.  So that's the end of my rant!
I think there must have been one mighty woodpecker at this tree, maybe he's building a place to nest.
A little foam on the water as it goes from one lake to another.
And finally some pussywillows!! Even though it's snowing this morning, I am sure spring has arrived! Haven't heard any loons yet, but with the lake free of ice again they will be here soon.
I promise to have less rants and better photos tomorrow. Enjoy your day, drive carefully !


  1. Nice photos and a great job showing the garbage ughhh Believe me we have lots in park. The gloves gave me a little chuckle because I do understand how you find one and then further down the road there is going to be another one. It is not uncommon for truck drivers to lay there gloves down while strapping a load or doing a "circle check" and lots of times they forget to pick them up. Climb back up in the truck finish completing their log books and on the way they go. Drivers are also mandated to stop at specific inervals to check the straps etc. so I do know that again out come the gloves and sometimes while tightening the ratchet the gloves are placed on the trailer ad off goes the driver :) How did you like that little history lesson on the scattered gloves :) Glad you are feeling perkier now if you could do something about the weather!!! Tell Larry to drive with caution he is afterall transporting special goods :)

  2. sorry about the spelling and typos I do know how to spell "intervals" lol etc....