Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 63 - 3rd March 2012 - Rainy Day = Baking Day

The temperature is hanging right at -1.7 this morning. Sounds like a messy day, the big red bar is across the top of the weather site shows rain fall warnings, but first they want a few flurries/ice pellets......ummmmmm glad I did my shopping yesterday. This morning I've some baking to do. The temperature has gone up above 0. My baking is all done, just have to frost some cupcakes.

Toffee Blondie's - easy and tasty. I think I could have staged this a little better, their color blends into the tile too much. Oh well live and learn.

Will make some cream cheese icing for these once they cool.
And I have a pan of magic bars cooling- the eagle brand milk bars that you do right in the pan - once again, easy but good.
So that's the baking for today.

Thought I had better take a few more photos of the white stuff before it disappears - it's been raining since 11am, so it won't last long.

The old apple tree in the backyard still has some snow covering it's limbs. We have several apple trees in the yard which are old and not very tasty anymore but they house and feed the birds in the summer and a pair of deer once the apples get ripe!

Larry is back in the painting business - new doors for the old cabinets. Guessing sometime this week the old cupboards will all be repainted. I better soon think about knobs! Then the floor can get painted and we will be finished for a while. I want to buy new counter top for the old cupboards, but will put that off til summer.

Thought I would delve back into my Grandmother R's journals and see if there was anything interesting happening:
1 March 1973 - Real cold morning. Harbour is frozen across as far as one can see. Sunny clouded over round noon time. Started to Ivy's [Upper Ohio] and went across to Welshtown and back home. Looked like snow and started.
2 March 1973 - Friday - Snowed in the night turned rain early. Up at 4:30am. Bob & Bobbie off around 5:30. 7 o'clock & 8 sun out . Not a bad day. Mild overcast all day. No game.
3 March 1973 - Saturday - Not a bad day. Mild. Up early. Boys (B&B) got off late. Bob had pain in shoulder joint. Took him to Dr. Jeffery at clinic 7 o'clock. Bursitis in his shoulder joint. Pains a lot. Pills for pain. A shot of cortisone. .
3 March 1977 - Good March Day. Bob took Kim to school and later me to work. He drove up got the pups brought them down for flu shots. [not sure about flu shots for pups......] I drove back with him. Lot of snow up home still. Walking down to dogs awful. Home 5 o'clock picked Kim up. She's babysitting at Jeffery's. Back for the night.

When my grandparents sold their house in town (early 1970's) and moved to the country permanently they often came to town for the winter months and rented a place. In those days they had no power [only a generator], no phones or cell phones then and the road was not always great, especially in the spring. However, rarely did a day not go by that my grandfather didn't drive up if only for a few hours. It was a beautiful place and I loved it, gardening in the summer months, lots of outside activities and I always had a least one dog at my heels no matter where I went.

Just a photo from yesterday to add a bit of color to an otherwise grey day!
Enough for now. Enjoy the rest of this wet March day!

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  1. Your baking looks yummy!!! Awesome photos as usual and liked the passages from your Grandmother's journal :) I have made the trek to town, picked up a few must haves and will snuggle on the chesterfield with my princess(I think she missed me) . We did not get home until midnight our flight was delayed in Orlando for a bit. Long day yesterday and this sinus cold has not let up. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the birds I sent you. The pelicans were a riot and rather camera shy. Have a good evening and when I am feeling better and can taste would sure love to sample some of your baking.