Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 88 - 28th March 2012 - Ice has returned!

Another cold morning, temperature is -4.8. Off to town for the day, can't say I want to but sometimes life just sucks and you have to do things you don't want to anyway. Oh to be a kid again - no responisibility, no housework, just school and play.  Well not like I can go back in time, so might as well just get on with things.
Yesterday was cold, I thought it was January again, well actually I think January was warmer this year. A good meeting in town, hopefully that will work out and become a new project. Just what I need a new project, but some old ones will be done, and hopefully I'll have time to start another and get a helping hand. Worked on research this afternoon, with no new developements and the insurance man showed up - all that meant was hauling out my cheque book. Oh well these things need to be done.
Larry started on the tile for the counter top yesterday. He got all the tiles cut  in the morning, then after supper used the adhesive and put them into place. That has to set up for 24 hours then it's time for the grout. We've decided to use a moulding around the edge rather than trying to tile it.
I did sneak off for a walk in the afternoon, dressed in my down jacket, cap and mittens braced against the wind and cold. The water in the ditches have froze over again. Yuk!
The ice has formed back in the puddles through the woods.
Looking at the shadows the sunlight casts through the path, it's hard to believe it's cold.
The lake is rather low for this time of year, I think he's wadding in the shallow end.
Yes, I took this yesterday and it is ice on a branch at the edge of the lake.
A little further away and another patch of icy twigs.
Foam and bubbles along the shore.
Lighting the way.
It's days at sea are over, it now rests in the country.
I need another cup of coffee before this day gets underway. Remember it is Wednesday, the week is half over and you are on the downslide to the weekend again. Enjoy the day!

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  1. Okay just a simple request "NO MORE ICE PHOTOS" please and thank you :) the ducks and everything else is fine but no more ice..... Really looking forward to photos of the counter and kitchen when complete. Hope you have a fantastic day.