Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 79 - 19th March 2012 - Monday and Random shots on Sunday

The temperature has remained high overnight at +3.3. It will probably be another nice day. I had another night of not so great sleep, which is beginning to become tiresome [sorry for the pun], but I'm sure I'll survive another day. 4:30am is an awful time to get up, but it's a half hour later than yesterday morning so......Have lots to do and the week is busy.

Found a few things in Yarmouth yesterday, but not necessarily what I was looking for and we were back shortly after 1pm. Did make a trip to my favourite store - the Bulk Barn - love that place and all they offer - ummmmmm more baking! It was cold in Yarmouth, and started to rain before we left but stopped as we headed through the back country home. We always travel on the back road through Carleton, Kempt. Looking yesterday I came to the conclusion it's a beautiful fall drive but not necessarily pretty in the spring. After putting everything away I went for a walk. Just some random shots today.
The lake was picture perfect. I like this little "rock island", it's close to the shore and when the water is low in the summer you can pretty well walk out to it.
I hope things will soon be turning green, am tired of the brown grass and weeds leftover from last year.
A neighbour took the opportunity to clean up some wind falls on this beautiful day. I caught him having a break.
Nature lives in such harmony, moss growing on the tree, spills falling from other trees. It's too bad people can't live this way.
You will have to live with my obsession with the ducks for a little while longer.
This two seem to be very unconcerned about the progress I was making toward them. Tried a different route, scurried along rocks on the shore and didn't even fall in!
It would have been nice to  have had a digital camera a number of years ago when I used to paint Dad's duck carvings. The mallard with all of his various colors was difficult at first to paint from memory and sketches. I remember mixing paint and putting swabs on cards for the next time to make things easier.
Time to start some work and get a few things crossed off my list.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. So my ducks which line the mantle are not only a creation of your father's but a little "Kim" painted on. Love it!!! I do not mind your obsession with the ducks, I am loving it. They are fun to watch I particularly love wtching them when they have their young. Unfortunately I have seen as many as 11 and they soon fall prey to other creatures but generally 4-5 make it. Have a great day and get lots done. :)