Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 76 - 16th March 2012 - Friday, Snow and Stuff

A little cool this morning -0.9 with  a few flurries again. Thought for sure it would be all gone by the time I got up today. Hey it's Friday again, looking forward to some great weather on the weekend.  Off to town to do a few things this morning, truck needs safety inspection, I have a few errands to do.
By lunch time the snow had blown/melted or fallen on one side of the trees. Looks like they are painted with frosting.
A pine cone hidden beneath the needles and snow of the branches.
A portion of an old stone wall. They were  very common on farms; a means of retaining livestock and showing land divisions many years ago. We can still be find remnants them on many properties in the country.
Looks almost like lettuce growing on the side of the tree.
The path through the woods was covered in white once again  yesterday afternoon but probably this morning is bare.
I went very quietly [or as quiet as I can be] and caught two of the mallards at the end of the dock before they swam off.
Three fly off while two are content to swim along.
The Blue Jay sits high in the tree, singing his song or making a noise, not sure which.
So rather short today, but at least you don't have to look at photos of garbage. I need a break from the neighbourhood, things are starting to seem dull so will try to get out and around in new territory sometime over the next few days.
Enjoy your day!

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