Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day 333 - 29th November 2015 - Fungus, Yellow-Rumped Warbler and Hairy Woodpecker

Our turn to work breakfast at the Fire Hall this morning - an early start to the day and probably a busy one. It's pretty quiet out there, not a sound, a star or a breath of wind. I guess will run to town after, pick up some groceries and maybe we can add an hour or so to birding. Although at that time of day I don't expect much but who knows.
 I made some headway Saturday. It was rainy all day so a good time to get a start on the baking. Shortbread cookies and Peanut Butter Balls done and in the freezer to be decorated and dipped at a later date. Also made pizza for supper, was good to have something with substance after the last few days of "soft" food. Larry arrived home from his excursion - Lexi was happy to see him. She never settles well without everyone in the house at night.
 Tree fungus
 A little stream
Yellow - Rumped Warbler.

 The elusive Golden-Crowned Kinglet.
 There always seems to be a Hairy Woodpecker around these days.

Enjoy your day!

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