Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Day 329 - 25th November 2015 - Juncos, Blue Jays and Goldfinches

Brrr... it's chilly  this morning. Stars are all out and the frost is twinkling on the grass. One month from today is Christmas..... lots to do before that date! I'm not going to panic- will kick into gear and get things done...soon. It's town day, rah! rah! (Not). Must be done, have errands and other things.
Snow flurries most of Tuesday and a cold wind. Although sounds like it might warm up towards the end of the week again. Can't really complain it's almost the end of November and the weather has been quite mild overall.  I still go out roaming every morning in hopes of something popping out of a bush, but overall it's very quiet. Took a swing through Lois' feeders but nothing different than at mine. Usually she has a pair of White-Throated Sparrows by now but no sign of them.
 The Juncos are settling in and coming closer to the house.
One seems to darker than the other.

 A little snow comes down as the sun shines through the trees.
 It was a nicer day for the Goldfinches.
Preening time after the Blue Jays have filled their bellies at the feeders.

Enjoy your day!

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