Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 313 - 9th November 2015 - Ruffed Grouse, Grackles and a Chickadee

Cool this morning, stars are out and a frost is already evident. But no wind. Am off to Liverpool this morning with Tammy - her turn for a medical appointment. Seems like Mondays are our day for those things. Since neither of us are big shoppers it will be a quick trip I'm sure and I'll still have some time to get a few things done around here this afternoon. 
Much chillier yesterday with a northwest wind bringing white caps on the lake. Larry worked around outside, I puttered in the house. Took a run to town so I could take a few photos of some of Dad's wood carvings. Nothing terrible exciting for a Sunday. Our yard was full of Grackles - probable close to fifty.  I scan them all in hopes of finding something else hiding in the flock but just Grackles.

Ruffed Grouse - not a great shot I was hanging out the car window as it was crossing the road.
 It was a Grackle day at the feeders.
They are stunning when the sun highlights their colors.

 The Chickadees spend a lot of time around the yard now.
A few of my Dad's Plover and Sandpiper carvings.

Enjoy your day!

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