Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 321 - 17th November 2015 - Chickadees, Grackle and Downy Woodpecker

It's a bit chilly out there this morning but the sky is filled with stars.  Sun and clouds forecast for the day according to one weather site, a chance of showers from another. I guess we just take what comes. Not like we really have any choice with the weather. It is what it is!  Well I'm back to much of the same today - cleaning, roaming the hood. I've got a couple of pair of jeans to shorten - a dreaded task. I have an urge to make gingerbread cookies... maybe if I can give them away.
Monday's weather started off quite nice, no wind, sun came through, then the wind picked up (as it does every day) and it got cloudy and overcast. It had that "S" look about it. Lexi and I had a couple good jaunts in the hood. I left her home for my first walk but there's really not a lot around these days, few Mallards in the lake. Stopped and had tea with Lois, checked out her feeders - much the same visitors as mine. I did have a pair of Goldfinches stop in and the Juncos are up to three now along with the Blue Jays, Mourning Doves, Woodpeckers and Grackles.  I continue with the cleaning - I may be making headway.

There are certainly a lot of Chickadees around these days.
The Downy Woodpecker wasn't having any thing to do with the camera.
Yes that is the crown on the Golden-Crowned Kinglet.
Another Chickadee.
I had quite a flock of Grackles back in the yard yesterday. Thought some had moved on.

Enjoy your day!

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