Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day 308 - 4th November 2015 - Grasses, Purple Aster and a Wasp

Here's another Wednesday - just rolling around. It's my town day, haven't been there since last week - am beginning to become a hermit. I enjoy the solitude especially the first few weeks, then I'm ready to get out a bit more. I'm looking  forward to a change of scenery, walk along Docks Street. Maybe there will be something interesting in the harbour besides the mystery sailboat. The weather looks fine for today (but who really knows).
The day I thought was going to be fine, (yesterday), turned out to be rainy, cold and overcast. What's with that - oh you can never trust those weather people! Another room done but at this rate I'll be forever so guess  I need to step up the pace. Have other things on my "Winter" list to accomplish besides housecleaning.

A few leaves looking the worse for wear but hanging on just the same.
 Grasses have turned as well, but are still attractive with their furry seeds.
 Wasp checking for something to eat.
 Another Dragonfly.
Lucky to find a few Purple Asters that still look good.

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