Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day 326 - 22nd November 2015 - Junco, Woodpecker and White-Breasted Nuthatch

We had some thunder and lightning during the night, I know this because a 65 lb fur ball  landed on me.  It didn't last long, thank goodness. Looks like between today and tomorrow we are going to get a massive amount of rain. No doubt what that means - swamps will be full and winter will set in. Not sure what the day will bring, but probably nothing exciting. I'll get the muffins done and lunchboxes started for the week and then see what the weather and day offers up.
Saturday was dismal, drizzly but mild. No fire in the furnace required.  Did the trip to town, some shopping and groceries. Stopped at the Craft Show for a few minutes to drop some things off to my brother. Too busy for me. Glad it was but I just can't do those crowds anymore. To think I did that life for a number of years. Give me birding any day, lots of space in that activity. Larry and Lexi went to pick up some metal from a friend then pulled the tomato cages, etc. from the garden. A lazy evening at home.
Junco, there are 2-3 regular visitors now. I just wish they'd stop hiding in the Honeysuckle branches.
Woodpeckers seem to be in abundance as well.
White-Breasted Nuthatch. Such comical birds as they go up and down trees backwards.
A little foam along the shore line of the lake - rough and windy yesterday.

Enjoy your day!

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