Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 316 - 12th November 2015 - Chickadees, an Old Tree and Grandmother's Journal

 Another too early morning. Feels mild out there and looks like it's going to be  mostly fine day. More rain around the corner for Friday. Swamps are filling but not to the top yet, maybe we still have a little time before winter to enjoy more good days.
Wednesday was a wet and dismal day. I knuckled down and hit the cleaning. Lexi and I walked in the rain and wind. Not pleasant and on the last trip - rather wet I decided it was late enough in the day to swap out the wet for the cozy flannel pj's and curled up and read before supper. All the usual suspects were at the feeders - Blue Jays, Grackles, Chickadees and Squirrels. Even in the rain they spent most of the day.
Grandmother's Journal:
11 Nov 1976 - We went to town early, Bob to work. Beautiful morning, but started snow flurries and rain showers the rest of the day. Home 3:30 or so. Bobbie & Bettie trapping. Came back just as we got  home. Very little fur. Didn't play bridge this afternoon.
12 Nov 1976 - Cold very cold making a record. To town early. Home just dark. Stopped to see Barb P. on way home. Hunters everywhere along road from Bridge (Cob). Quite a bit of snow on the ground this morning.
The old tree is bare hugging the lake.Reminds me of a Bonsai.
The red Dragonflies are still around. I thought by now they would have migrated.
The Chickadees are always willing to give you a few minutes.

I imagine the surf was wild along the ocean yesterday.

Enjoy your day!

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