Saturday, November 28, 2015

Day 332 - 28th November 2015 - Goldfinch, Mourning Doves and Grandmother's Journal

Up too early again - just when I thought the sleeping was getting under control - Ugh. I need to get some things done today, might be time to start the Christmas baking since we are moving into the end of November. And there are a whole lot of other things that I need to start/do/finish. Looks like a little rain for today, but it's mild out there this morning. 
Friday was a beautiful day - mild and warm. Even saw moths flying around the street light last evening. So Lexi and I had a mostly lazy day. Didn't feel like doing a whole lot but perked up after supper.
Grandmother's Journal:
27 Nov 1976: Overcast. Showers all day. Kim came up and had lunch with me. Bob and Tom to MC, back early because of rain. I baked Bread, Squares, Cake, Ham and Potatoes. Did usual Saturday chores. Bob & I up for a visit with Dick Bower, Chil and Julia. Had a nice visit. Chester came up to play cards with Chil. Things are sure different up there. Roads muddy. 
28 Nov 1976:  Beautiful day. Bob, Tom and I to MC. Took a light lunch. Bob did some clearing ground. Had a good day. Very mild. Stopped to see Barb on way home.
Goldfinch sitting among the weeds.

A few ducks in one of the coves.

 Mourning Doves - you can usually find a few on the lines if they aren't in the feeders.
Perfect reflections on the lake.

Enjoy your day!


  1. No wonder you loved to visit! Lots of good grub :)

  2. No wonder you loved to visit! Lots of good grub :)