Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 324 - 20th November 2015 - Dandelion, Leaves and Ferns

It's Friday and the end of the work week. It's milder this morning, no stars and rain on it's way later. Looks like Lexi and I are on our own for most of the weekend, Larry's heading in to camp after work today. Maybe I'll whip up some brown bread rolls for them. So, I guess we'll putter around, if the weather is wet sounds like a good opportunity to curl up with a good book.
So more progress made yesterday, just a few more things in the "spring" cleaning area to do and then we are down to maintaining it. Saw a few Goldfinches in the yard yesterday but they appear to be skittish yet. Of course the cat hanging around and Lexi barking at it doesn't make for a quiet feeding station. I'm sure they will return and perhaps I can convince the cat to move on.
 A very calm start to the day on the lake.
 I found a little color - don't think it's warm enough for it to get much bigger.
 Brown and crumbled, reminds me of crushed velvet.
 Not a very big Brown Eyed Susan, guess it was a late bloomer.

Have no idea what kind of Ferns they are but they will still remain green even when the snow flies.

Enjoy your day!

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