Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 309 - 5th November 2015 - Reflections, Ducks, Pigeons and Grackles

Beautiful starlight morning. Quiet, no sound of Owls yet, maybe in a little while before daylight. I need to seriously crack on to this fall cleaning and purging. Hopefully today I can get two rooms under my belt. Once I hit the half way mark it will go faster...maybe! Exercise class tonight.
A fairly mild day for this time of year. Enjoyed a brief walk along the waterfront. Got some errands done, lunch at the Beandock and a bit of volunteer work. Pulled up CBC Live and watched/listened to our new Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers being sworn in. A great variety of women and men from all walks of life. I was out on the deck just after dark last evening and could hear a deer blowing between us and a neighbour. It brought a smile to my face, he's a big Buck who will evade the hunters. He hangs close to houses and the road and has been around for a long time.
Calm on the harbour - a day for reflections, in more ways than one.
I suppose some Wednesday soon, those punches of color will be gone at the park.
The mystery sailboat remains in the harbour. I suppose it will sink before something is actually done.
Ducks and Pigeons share what they find.
And several Ravens (or Crows) were around.
Came home to find about two dozen Grackles hanging out in the feeders, looked closely for Red -winged Blackbirds but none among them.

Enjoy your day!

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