Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 320 - 16th November 2015 - Cat Tails, Golden-Crowned Kinglet and Snow Buntings

Monday has rolled around once again. Stars are shining brightly in the sky. Hoping this will be the week I finish off the "spring" cleaning and purging. Am tired of doing it and want to move on to other ventures.  It will soon be time to think about my Christmas baking - although I'm not doing as much as I normally do. I do like to give tins of treats done up for gifts.
Tossed a coin and decided to go to breakfast in Ingomar Sunday morning. Checked  out the back bay and ponds along the way. Coming home I did find a few Chickadees and my nemesis the Golden-Crowned Kinglet. A flock of Snowbirds at Birchtown and 2 pairs of Hooded Mergansers. Larry began the process of putting the stuff up on the roof to melt the ice so we don't have problems like we did last winter - guaranteed to make for a mild winter.  I cooked for the weekly lunch boxes.  It was colder and of course windy. Seems it blows a gale everyday lately.
 Cat tails - well they've had better days.
 Chickadee take off. Clear the runway!
Golden-crowned Kinglet, not a great shot.

 One of dozen Snow Buntings at Birchtown.
 Hooded Mergansers - male and females at Birchtown Bay.
Love the red door.

Enjoy your day!

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