Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 310 - 6th November 2015 - Cobweb, Foggy Morning and a Mushroom

Friday again, more cleaning for me. Looks like some showers today, but Lexi and I will get out between rain drops. Might be the best day to do the fridge - it's nearly empty at the end of the week - except for those "medical experiments" that hide in the back. A better night of sleep makes me feel like I'll have a little more energy. 
Fog settled in yesterday morning and the sun was lazy about breaking through, but eventually it did and the fog lifted. It was such a calm morning, no wind and a great time to walk through the woods. The fir needles (stirs memories of Christmas), the earthy smell of the forest and the crunch of the fallen leaves under foot.  Walks like that make me feel very good. I pulled myself away and headed home to the never ending fall housecleaning. Another room done and second one started. The afternoon brought overcast skies and rain showers. The yard and feeders are beginning to become a little more active. The Chickadees and Blue Jays are there often now, followed by Grackles. I did see a Junco, a Goldfinch and a Kinglet yesterday, although they aren't' ready to settle in.
Looks like a leaf has been encapsulated by a cobweb.

The fog was hanging in the woods.
Almost looks like it's floating in air.
Seeing a lot of these kind of mushrooms but not the more colorful ones.
Just a little bit of color left to reflect.

Enjoy your day!

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