Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 311 - 7th November 2015 - Berries, Raindrops and a Blue Jay

Saturday - I've slept better than most nights and longer (except for the times I woke up). The stars and moon are out. It looks like a birding day to me. I think a trip to Cape Sable Island is in order with a side trip to Baccaro. Looking forward to getting out and around and maybe snagging a lifer.
Friday was a day made for cleaning - rather dull, overcast and rainy most of the day. So even though I wasn't much in the mood I knuckled down and got the fridge cleaned out (yuk) and the library cleaned up. All this jumping around and I'm sure I'll miss a room! It's getting done and things are looking better already.  The proof for the Calendar I'm doing arrived via email last night - looks good just have a few adjustments to make. Things are coming together.
 A few berries left in the woods.
 The rain was hitting the lake - making circles as the drops bounced.
 More fog, but a still morning for reflections.
One of the numerous Blue Jays raiding the feeders.

Rain droplets everywhere.

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