Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day 323 - 19th November 2015 - Song Sparrow and Gulls

Brrr..... it's cold out there this morning. Stars are in the sky, popping in and out behind the clouds.  I can see the frost sparkling on the grass. It will be a good morning to walk the hood. Going to finish up  this spring cleaning today. A couple of storage rooms really need purging but I think they are best left til after the holidays and will be added to the winter bucket list of fun things to do. 
Wednesdays wear me out - my brain was tired and the rest of me by the time we got home. It did turn out to be a beautiful day, no wind and the sun felt good. Got some errands done and even found time to get a flu shot. Lunch at the Beandock is always a nice treat. The house was chilly last night, the consequences of being gone all day with no fire in the furnace.

Song Sparrow on the waterfront - a change from Ducks and Pigeons.

A Gull comes in for a landing....
a bit of a crash landing.
It's always a beautiful sight looking down the harbour. The lighthouse, soft fluffy clouds - a calm morning.
Another Gull.

Enjoy your day!

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