Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 314 - 10th November 2015 - Street light, Pumpkin and Queen's Anne Lace

A mild morning with fog hanging over the street light. Looks like another fine day in the forecast with rain following tomorrow. I guess I better get back to the purging and cleaning. It's just easier to get it done then I can move on to some other projects that I have on my mind. Also need to get some planning and organizing done for the exhibit I'm doing with Dad at the Library next month. Time is moving too quickly. 
Monday turned out to be another beautiful day - fall is lasting nice and long. Road trip to Liverpool was uneventful. Had a stop at Frenchy's for some retail therapy and lunch at the Chinese Restaurant. Even though we had a frost in the morning I was able to pick some Swiss Chard from the garden to go with supper -fabulous considering the date. The feeders were emptied when I came home in the afternoon, but all I saw around were a few Chickadees and a Blue Jay or two. Exercise class last night - always a good workout.
Street light along Dock Street.

It's a beautiful view early in the morning.
I liked the looks of this weathered door.
I thought it was a buoy but looks like someone tossed a pumpkin in the harbour.
I think I like the Queen's Anne Lace better when it's gone to seed.

Enjoy your day!

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