Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day 312 - 8th November 2015 - Snow Buntings, Gulls and Rose Hips

Another too early morning. I got up and read for a while, maybe in hopes that my eyes would close again but realistically I know that won't happen. Traffic on the road - hunters going and coming from camps. This is the last "Sunday" for hunting, which I like. I think we should be able to have one day/week free in the woods to wander.  Probably won't get far today, I've got to give Larry some time to do a few "winterizing" chores and I've got flower bulbs that should be planted. We'll see how far we get with those things.
We had a nice morning on Cape Sable Island, but not great for birding. Saw lots of Gulls, shorebirds in the distance, a Great Blue Heron. Stopped in Barrington and did our grocery shopping then took a swing down to Baccaro on the way home. Larry saw the Snowy Owl in the distance (too far for the camera), more Gulls, a couple of Snow Buntings, A Northern Gannet, a large group of Black Scooters and Starlings.
Snow Bunting.

 There are always lots of Gulls.
Waves and Surf.

A Great Blue Heron was enjoying the morning sun.
Lots of Rose Hips - Jelly anyone?
Yellow Legs.
The Lighthouse at the Cape.

Enjoy your day!

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