Friday, November 27, 2015

Day 331 - 27th November 2015 - Frost, Ice and Reflections

So after going to "lay down" at 7pm last evening and falling to sleep I was up too early this morning, but feeling rested none the less. Stars are all out, really mild and I can hear an Owl way down the road. Larry's going into camp tonight, so I've got to finish getting his things ready - rolls and cookies are in the freezer from last week. Other than that I don't anticipate anything exciting happening. 
Thursday went a little wonky for me. I decided that the not so dull tooth ache should be seen to or at least get an appointment in the near future. I have a fear of it abscessing on the weekend - been there done that and it's not nice. If memory serves me correct I looked like Chippy Chipmunk. Luck was with me and I got into Barrington Dental Centre with a 4:20 pm assessment appointment. Shortly after 5 pm I was leaving having two very nasty teeth removed. They are a great bunch of professional young women.
 Thursday morning was great to go out and catch the heavy frost on everything.

 The Cranberry ditch at a layer of ice.
 You could see a little forming along the shoreline of the lake.
It was a perfectly calm morning - reflections were true.

Enjoy your day!

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