Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day 31 -- 31st January 2017 - Blue Jay, Mourning Doves and Evening Grosbeaks

We say goodbye to January - already the first month of the year has passed. Time flies by so quickly. It was a busy Monday, at the hall all morning, then the kitchen most of the afternoon. Lexi and I roamed the hood, it was a good day for walking. Snow flurries this morning, temperature is cooler. I guess today I better go back and tackle the library and get it ready to move the spare bed there and turn into an "invalid's room".  Things are falling into place, now we just need a date! Maybe I'll get back in the sewing room for an hour or so today too.
 Larry' new feeder he got for his birthday. Thought the little birds would use it, didn't expect the Blue Jays!
Mourning Doves hanging out on the fence.
And the Evening Grosbeaks returned - hungry and active.

Enjoy your day!

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