Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 14 - 14th January 2017 - Lichen, Fungi and Cranberries

Friday felt like the first day of Spring but this morning is another whole story. From +11 to -10 in 12 hours, with the windchill I'm sure it's much colder. Had a great day, did a few things around the house in the morning, out for a walk, then one with Lexi. Margie and I went to Clyde River for lunch - Lobster Poutine - yum and had a great catch up. Shortly after I came home, Cathy stopped up for coffee so it was a real social day!  Most days I enjoy the solitude of being home in the winter months but sometimes you need a little interaction. We can't live like hermits all of the time! Feeders weren't terribly active, probably too mild and the woods and lake were very quiet as well. This morning the stars are all out, twinkling in the sky. Water is high and there is only ice left in some of the coves, the channel has opened wide. So maybe we are going to have an easy winter? I remember a couple of years ago it started out like this and then on the 27th January it began to snow and didn't stop for 3 months, or at least it felt that way.  Might run to Barrington for groceries  - seems 2 stores have more to offer  than 1 this week.


The ditches are full and the cranberries floating
A little ice in the cove, covered with foam, holds a leaf in place

Fungi on the side of a dead fall

Enjoy your day!

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