Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Day 10 - 10th Janary 2017 - Goldfinches, Chickadee and Hairy Woodpecker

It's cold out there this morning, -12 but suppose to warm up to +2 as the day goes on.  Stars are all twinkling in a clear sky. Lots of things to get done this morning around here and hopefully I'll get out on the snowshoes again before it starts warming and melting. Rain on it's way for Wednesday. This afternoon, we've got to take a quick run to the Vet to see how Lexi is progressing, fingers crossed things are looking better. 
Monday was a cold day - temperature hung around -14 and then dropped again after supper. At least the wind wasn't so bad. Got back out for a jaunt on the snowshoes again. Headed through the woods on some fresh snow - it's a good workout that's for sure. I'd be glad when Lexi is back 100% and can go with me. Worked on grant applications and a few things around the house. Birds were busy at the feeders. Exercise class last evening - she' really trying to punish us I'm sure! By tomorrow I won't be able to move!



Hairy Woodpecker

Sunday morning - tracks from the night before almost covered back in.

Enjoy your day!

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