Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 24 - 24th January 2017 - Ice, Crows and Evening Grosbeaks

The back deck is all icy this morning, but now the forecast is  "rain fall warning"  - somewhere between 30 and 70 mm. Drive with care on your morning commute to work and on the way home this evening. Wondering where all this rain was last summer as we faced our worse drought in years - the one thing we can't control is Mother Nature. Lexi and I will run between the raindrops today, going to be short walks. Changed our appointment at the Vets today for Thursday, wasn't quite sure how long the freezing rain would last so decided to take no chances.  Might put on a big pot of soup or chili today. Some home made brown bread rolls sound good too. Monday was mostly a day spent on the computer doing work, but Lexi and I did escape a couple times to run the hood. Exercise class last night - oh yes we continue with our love/hate relationship, but sometimes I really do need it (don't tell Cindy).
Icy patches in the water holes through the woods.

Too far away to see good, but the Crows were playing hockey on the lake.
Regular visitors these days - Evening Grosbeaks.

Enjoy your day!

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