Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 21 - 21st January 2017 - Sunrise, Blue Jays and Hydragea

Had a great Friday - got a few things done around the house and a jaunt with Lexi in the hood in the morning. Then Margie and I headed to Clyde River for lunch - we have a serious addiction for Lobster Poutine! After that we visited a lovely old gentleman for a few hours - been a long time since I've seen him and was great to catch up. I'm off to work this morning, been a while since I've been  and I'm looking forward to the day. Larry's chore is replenishing the wood in the basement.
 A little red in the sky Friday but it turned out to be a beautiful day!
 Blue Jays at the feeder
The Hydragea are quite pretty even when they are dry.

Enjoy your day!

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