Saturday, January 28, 2017

Day 28 - 28th January 2017 - Grasses, Fog and Alder Branches

Certainly turned cooler this morning, although temperature is at 0, the wind is colder and there is a layer of white stuff on the ground - not a lot. Saturday and the day for groceries, maybe pick up paint for the bathroom and bird seed. Between feeding the birds and Lexi, doesn't seem like much left for us. Oh well... 
Friday rounded out the week with a bit of fun. Margie and I did our weekly lunch date, this week meeting with a great guy who does printing. I've been introducing her to a few of my contacts from my old job, just so she can put a face to the name kind of thing. It's beginning to feel like Thelma and Louise day but we don't get into any (much) trouble. Picked up an ice cream cake for Larry's birthday (not on his diet - but we shared it), cooked him a nice pasta and shrimp supper and then we went to Friday night club - where all world problems are solved in 2 hours. That was fun too! The lake all opened back up again yesterday, in the morning there was just a wide channel in the middle, by supper time it was mostly open in the coves as well.
 Grasses with raindrops.
Fog hovering over the lake.
A few alder branches, wet with rain.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ahhhhh, Thinking Rock... I'd like to know how many hours I sat on that rock as a child and teenager trying to figure out life or just dreaming. I miss that point of land soooo much. My heart is there.