Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 8 - 8th January 2017 - Snow, Lake and Grasses

Finally after 2 hours I'm ready to post! Started snowing Saturday around 2:30 pm and I think it's finally finished but it's hard to tell with the wind blowing so maybe there are a few flurries going on. Anyway it's suppose to stop this morning - or so says the experts!There's a lot down, but so far the power is still holding. I've done a little shoveling off the deck this morning and Larry tackled a path from the side door so Lexi could get out for a walk.  Later we'll get the rest cleaned up and hopefully we'll get the driveway plowed.  Maybe a little play time out in the snow this afternoon. The birds will be hungry today so expect the feeders will be busy.
A peaceful country lane.

You could tell a storm was brewing

The wind has blown most of the snow off the grasses.

Enjoy your day!

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