Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 9 - 9th January 2017 - Chickadee, Snow and Trees

Sunday was clean up day - shovel paths, the driveway, knock icicles off of the house - fun stuff... well not really. I cleared off the back deck and then headed out for a walk with Big B. while the snow was still beautiful and hadn't been disturbed too much. It was a great morning to walk, so when I came home I got  the snowshoes and tried those out. Well a girl could develop buns of steel pretty quickly with those! Great workout - but just so I didn't lose too much strength - I inhaled a few chocolates when I got home. Lost my glasses too, but assume somewhere in the house rather then outside - or at least I hope so. Then we had a little more excitement with loose horses and donkeys to finish off the evening. Larry's a much better horse person than I am.  It's part of being a neighbourhood - helping out when you are needed. So it's Monday - back to sewing, grant applications and lots of other interesting things to get done on my to do list. And more snowshoeing - by the looks of the up coming weather I may only have today and tomorrow morning, mild temps and more rain for mid week.
Chickadee - cracking the seed

Rocks and stumps covered in glistening snow.

Trees were topped with snow.

Enjoy your day!

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