Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 3 - 3rd January 2017 - Canada Geese and Lichen

The stars are twinkling in the sky this morning and the frost sparkles on the grass. Chilly at -4 but with no wind. Last evening I could hear a couple of Owls hooting - one up the lake and one across. A little excitement in the hood Tuesday afternoon - 25 Canada Geese in the lake. Doesn't take much to entertain us -but boy they were nice to watch. I tackled some of my sewing room, made good progress but now the hallway seems to be cluttered up - well at least that stuff is mostly garbage so I may have gotten rid of a few things. The rest of the Christmas decorations have been tucked away in their closet for another year. And I took an hour to move some photos off of my computer and do a little clean up there. Exercise class last night - after not being there for a couple of weeks - going to be hurtin'. Lexi's improving daily and our walks are longer now, that's if I can get her past Lois' driveway. She is a social girl!

Canada Geese

We don't usually have this many - maybe some of William & Kate's offsprings or grandchildren.

Some pretty cool lichen or moss on the side of a tree.

Enjoy your day!

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