Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 19 - 19th January 2017 - Evening Grosbeaks, Ice and Grandmother's Journal

I just couldn't seem to get warm yesterday even though the temperature went up to -3 in the afternoon I felt chilled to the bones. A bit worried I was coming down with something, but feel fine this morning. Puttered around the house, started cleaning the library , Lexi and I went walking. She's getting so much better - we walk further and she has more pep in her step. The Evening Grosbeaks were all back at the feeders, along with Blue Jays, Juncos, Song Sparrows, Chickadees and Mourning Doves. Up the road someone said they had a flock of Waxwings - not sure if they were Cedar or Bohemian. I only see Cedar Waxwings when the apple trees are in bloom.
Grandmother's Journal: 
19 January 1977 - Beautiful winter day - deep snow, everything laden this morning. A few light flurries. Cleaning snow everywhere has deep high piles around town. Bob, Bobbie up to check on pups. Everything ok. Tom on cat but to late in the day. Barb went home tonight. Kim stayed home to babysit tonight. Bridge this afternoon. Ploughed out today. Catherine had to stay in town back home tonight. 
20 January 1977 - Very fine snow early this morning. Then a beautiful winter day. Very cold over night. Kim up for supper. 

Whispering sweet nothings in her ear.
Just a few of the Evening Grosbeaks

The ice makes cool patterns

Enjoy your day!

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