Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 2 - 2nd January 2017 - Mallards, Rain Drops and Reflections

We had a great New Year's Chinese Dinner at Mom and Dad with most of the family there. Larry worked on the gyproc - crack filling in the morning, I made muffins and did some lunch box meals for a couple of days for him. Getting back in the normal weekly routine. Looked like a break in the weather so I went out for my walk - but got caught in a shower on the way home. Little chilly out there this morning, temperature is -4. Where to begin the New Year? Well hopefully I'll fill my days with as much as possible with the occasional break for laziness and a bit of reading. First off, guess I better tackle my sewing room since a new shift, stays  and apron are on the list of fun (not) things to make. The library will need to be tackled after that and maybe my Christmas money will be put toward  a new scanner - something that will do medium and large format negatives. And it's time to clean some photos off my computer. So a lot to do, but today will start it off - no pressure to get everything done in one day. Now that Lexi is feeling better we can get out for some good jaunts in the hood (I missed her last week) and hopefully (am I nuts!) exercise class will start back up tonight!
 Mallards relaxing on the dock.
 Then it's time to move on

All the branches where dripping with rain drops
And the swamps were full - creating beautiful reflections.

Enjoy your day!

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