Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 22 - 22nd January 2017 - Evening Grosbeaks, Red Breasted Nuthatch and Logs

Quiet Sunday morning. I'm up too early so it will be a long day, although curled up with my coffee reading isn't such a bad way to start off. Lexi got up but decided I was crazy and went back to bed, she's returning to her old self.  Think I'll take a good roam around the hood today, see what's happening and of course there is the lunch box prep, etc. to do. Larry got a fair amount of wood put in the basement from the woodshed yesterday and then he went to the Shelburne Fire Dept. Smoker last evening. He always enjoys the evening out with the guys. It was good to go into work yesterday, been about a month so nice to get out. No one around but did some database entry and grant work with our Curator.

Both Male and Female Evening Grosbeaks

 Red Breasted Nuthatch checking out part of Lois' feeding station
Just a sliver of snow between two logs

Enjoy your day!