Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day 11, 11th January 2017 - Sunlight, Snow and Evening Grosbeak

Mild day and rain - there goes the snow! I guess it will be mostly an indoor day, back to the sewing room and maybe some time in the kitchen. Nothing exciting for sure.
The temperature has certainly risen, hard to believe when I got up yesterday it was -11 and by noon it was +1.  Once we got off of our road (center line barely bare) and on to the highway - the road to Yarmouth was great. So Lexi had her check up - levels are up some but still not where they should be. A reduction in one drug and the addition of another hopefully will put things back where they should be in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed. I'd say she's about 85-89% better, just not 100% of her old self.
Morning light filters through the trees.

My favourite time to enjoy the snow  - before anything has touched it.

 The lake will be open again
An Evening Grosbeak watched me from above.

Enjoy your day!

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