Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 32 - 1st February 2017 - Ice and Hens

Good morning February! Well January went out with a chill, wind was raw, snow flurries off and on throughout the day. I think I need to get more productive in February, seems January had too many days with no expectations. Before you know it spring will have sprung and time will have fast forwarded to work again. I did make some headway in the library Tuesday - although the first hour I'm sure was spent just looking and wondering what to do with "stuff". A phone call and a facebook post later and a couple of stacks of periodicals are gifted to friends. I truly don't like throwing good things out.  Slightly late this morning, had a horse to catch.  Today I'm back in the kitchen, baking for another funeral reception at our Hall.

Icy pools  in the woods

I think the hens were having a protest

More ice and debris

Enjoy your day

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