Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 47 - 16th February 2017 - Icicle, Trees and Evening Grosbeak

And it's snowing...again! Suppose to stop this morning sometime, but looks like we've gotten a fair amount over night.  So guess it will be some more shoveling, snowshoeing and database entry - an exciting life I lead. Wednesday warmed up and with no wind was quite nice. Lexi and I roamed in the morning, then I put on the snowshoes after lunch and went on a jaunt of my own. And of course, knocked the icicles off of the house. It was nice in the woods although soft in a few spots, however, the road side banks are still nice and firm and I can zip right long on top of those. Makes me really tall too! Some computer work, a few chores around the house filled in the day. Cooked a pork roast with potato/turnip mash and veggies for supper - good for leftovers. I'd rather do cooking every other night. Think I lost a Chickadee yesterday, the Sharp Shined Hawk must have stopped by - I saw a lot of feathers around in the afternoon.  I've not seen him for a while, but he does tend to lurk in the trees. This is what nature does.

Icicle in the morning light

A little sun through the woods

And of course one of our regular visitors - Evening Grosbeak

Enjoy your day!

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