Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 51 - 20th February 2017 - Yarmouth, Canada Geese and Mallards

Happy Heritage Day! Yes it's a holiday here in Nova Scotia, although Larry and his work place took it on Friday and are working today. After having so many snow days last week, hoping for a full work week.  With dear hubby out of the house once again, time for me to get some work done around here. We motored off to Yarmouth yesterday - beautiful day for driving and it was a quick trip - got everything I wanted then back home again mid afternoon. We did take a few minutes to drive out beyond Overton checking for birds, but not much by that time of day. Spied a few Hawks hunting on the way up and a Turkey Vulture. The temperature went up to +11 so some serious snow melting took place.
Looking over at the town of Yarmouth.
 Canada Geese
And popular everywhere - Mallards.

Enjoy your day!

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