Friday, February 17, 2017

Day 48 - 17th February 2017 - Blue Jay, Robin and Mourning Dove

It always looks different in the daylight and when it came yesterday - there was a lot of snow down - almost as much as Monday's storm. So Thursday was a shovel out day. Larry was home, he did some shoveling, then a neighbour finished off the driveway. I did icicle duty around the house and shoveled some from the deck. After lunch once the plow went by I hit the banks and went for a stroll on the snowshoes, over to visit Lois and have tea. By then it was just blowing and not snowing, but before supper flurries had returned. Today looks much better - not much wind, a few stars in the sky but the moon keeps ducking behind dark clouds. Weather is suppose to be better for a few days. Larry's home today, they decided to take today as the holiday and head back to work on Monday. Hoping for a better work week.  Will head in town later for groceries, then spent some time putting more wood in the basement.

An unimpressed Blue Jay

This Mourning Dove decided to take shelter in the feeder.

A poor Robin doesn't look too happy about the weather.
And the Christmas Tree was full of Evening Grosbeaks

Enjoy your day!

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