Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 52 - 21st February 2017- Boathouse, Lichen and Oak Leaves

Monday wasn't as warm as Sunday had been, a few flurries in the air during the morning. But still not a bad day. Managed a little house cleaning, Lexi and I roamed the hood some. Stopped and had tea at Lois' - Lexi is sociable and thinks we need to visit often. It could also be the chance of checking out the cat food dishes that draw her there. It looks like a week of mild temperatures during the day - more snow melt and colder at night. Sounds like it's time to tap the Maple trees and make syrup - Larry hasn't done any for a couple of years maybe he'll start again. For me, I've got to crack on to the database entry today and dedicate a few hours to that. A project to get finished up. Trivia tonight - hopefully I have some smarts.
A boat house waiting for spring to return

Snow covered Lichen

I'm always amazed at how some of the Oak leaves can hold on through out the winter.

Enjoy your day!

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