Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day 56 - 25th February 2017 - Old Tree, Red-Breasted Nuthatch and the Lake

Foggy again this morning - more snow is leaving. Yesterday the temperature went up to +15, that's great for February. Easy on the wood pile, didn't build a fire in the furnace until 4pm. I'm ready for Spring! Friday was "Thelma and Louise" day - Margie and I went to lunch in town, did a few errands and then home again. Of course it was Friday Night Club which is always good for an evening of tea drinking and laughter.  Our friends Dorothy & Roger are coming for a visit and lunch today, looking forward to seeing them again. So lots to do before they arrive - going to put together a lasagna for lunch - means I won't need to be in the kitchen cooking when they come, can just pop  that in the oven. Whipped up a Death by Chocolate Trifle after supper last evening for dessert. Toss together a salad and we are good to go. Another mild day in the forecast with some rain for later/tonight.
Looks like  a Woodpecker has visited this old dead tree.

 Red-Breasted Nuthatch
The Lake will soon be open and flowing again.

Enjoy your day!

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